Professional and Confidential Private Investigation & K9 Detection

Doerner Investigations is dedicated to providing professional and confidential service while maintaining discretion to solve cases quickly and efficiently.

Doerner Investigations serves Southern Califorina from LA to Santa Barbara. Including but not limited to Malibu, Ventura, Santa Monica, Pasadena, San Fernando, Burbank, Simi Valley and more.

Private Investigation

Private Investigation

When you need a Los Angeles Private Investigator, Doerner Investigations has the experience and attention to detail you need. We are professional, discreet and up on the latest technology and industry trends to help you achieve your investigative needs. We understand that some of our clients are going through difficult times and know how to handle situations gently.

  • Background Checks / Investigations

  • Pre-Employment Screenings

  • Infidelity Investigations / Cheating Partner Surveillance

  • Polygraph Examination

  • K-9 Services (Narcotics Detection)

  • Missing Persons / Skip Tracing

  • Adoption Cases: Identifying Birth Parent or Child or Finding Location

  • Database Record Search

  • Undercover Investigator

  • Nanny Cameras / Hidden Cameras

  • Child Custody & Recovery

  • Divorce Cases

  • Deadbeat Dad / Deadbeat Mom

  • Loss Prevention

  • Attorney Services

  • Tenant Screening

  • Recorded or Sworn Statements

  • Victim Assistance

  • Service of Process

  • Assets Investigations

  • Criminal Investigations

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K9 Detection Services

K9 Detection Services

Today’s drug and firearm detection dogs are more accurate and reliable than ever before. At Doerner Investigations, we offer a variety of unique canine services that are confidential, effective and completely discreet. Specifically trained for narcotics and firearms, we provide highly-effective detection dogs that have been tested, chosen and trained and certified for these specific tasks.

  • Exotic and Common Street Drug Detection

  • Prescription Drug Detection

  • Illegal Contraband

  • Firearm Detection

  • Drugs Include: Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine, K2/Spice, Amphetamines and more...

  • We search Entertainment Venues

  • Residential Treatment Facilities

  • Private Businesses

  • Parcel / Shipping Facilities

  • Schools / Lockers

  • Private Residences and more...

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We have many Satisfied Clients

Tommy, Thousand Oaks, CA

I was concerned about a situation involving my minor daughter and Doerner Investigations was there to help me. They are professional, compassionate and thorough in all they do. I would tell anyone needing answers to not hesitate and call Doerner to investigate.

Jennifer, Winnetka, IL

This team of investigators is a first class operation. They keep the client informed the entire way through the process and get the job done no matter how big or small. Highly recommended to anyone needing some PI work done of any type!

Dana, Beverly Hills, CA

Doerner Investigations was recommended to me by a Criminal Law Attorney. My situation was very time sensitive and my family needed accurate information very quickly. Doerner Investigations was very professional throughout the entire process and sympathetic to the situation and continued to check in with me even after the services were complete. They were available to me at all times and helped us through the process in many ways. Much gratitude for Doerner Investigations, saved the life of a loved one. I highly recommend this company to anyone!!

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