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Santa Barbara Private Detective

Private Investigator in Santa Barbara California

If you live or work in Santa Barbara, California, and you need a  private detective, please call Doerner Investigations at 213-910-4609. We serve the entire Los Angeles metropolitan area and up into Santa Barbara County. For peace of mind, call today.

K9 Detection in Santa Barbara, California

Doerner Investigations provides strategic K9 sweeps and searches throughout Southern California to aid in enhancing security measures. With a special emphasis on narcotics, prescription drugs, firearms, and ammo for Southern Californian businesses such as schools, treatment centers, cargo companies or the airline industry – our proactive prevention strategies are crucial for tackling drug trafficking and use issues and gun violence within Los Angeles up to Santa Barbara.  

Our highly trained K9 detection dogs can find:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroine
  • Alcohol
  • Firearms
  • Meth
  • Commonly Abused Medication
  • Fentanyl
  • Gunpowder

Do you have teenagers living in Santa Barbara?

While it's a lovely place to live, nowhere is immune from the drug issues plaguing California. Often, teens living in areas of privilege are susceptible to drug use, as they can afford it, and it is easily accessible. If you have concerns about your teen's drug use, our drug sniffing K9's can help find any drugs being hidden in the household, and you can get them help without involving law enforcement. Help your teen before bad habits become a lifelong problem - give us a call today to protect your child's future.

How much does a private investigator cost in Santa Barbara?

The cost of a Private Detective / Private Investigator in Santa Barbara will be determined upon evaluation of the unique case. Doerner Investigations services in Santa Barbara, California are determined based on the number of investigative hours spent on the case, the number of investigators, technology, and the specific needs of your case.

If you would like to hire a PI in Santa Barbara, contact us now to talk with an experienced, licensed private detective who can give you a clearer picture of the cost of hiring a Private Investigator in Southern California.