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How Doerner Investigations Performs Child Custody & Recovery

Child custody disputes can be an emotional and distressing situation for everyone involved. As wonderful as it would be for both parents to work out an arrangement that works best for their child, it is not always possible. This is where private investigators such as Doerner Investigations come in. Private investigators can be hired to help with child custody investigations and recovery.

Conducting an Initial Consultation: The first step for Doerner Investigations is to conduct an initial consultation. This involves meeting with the client, gathering all necessary documentation, and discussing the details of the case. This step is important in understanding the details of the case and providing the client with an estimated timeline for the investigation.

Conducting Surveillance: Doerner Investigations also performs surveillance to gather information and build a case. This step involves observing and documenting the behavior of the individual who has the child. The information gathered during surveillance is used as evidence in court to help the client fight for custody.

Background Checks: Background checks are another important component of child custody investigations. Doerner Investigations performs in-depth background checks on the parent in question to ensure the safety and well-being of the child. This includes researching criminal history, drug and alcohol abuse, financial status, and any other relevant information.

Recovery Efforts: If the child has been taken by one parent and the other parent has legal custody, Doerner Investigations can help in recovery efforts. This involves locating the child, monitoring the actions of the individual who has the child, and working with law enforcement to safely and legally retrieve the child.

Court Testimony: Doerner Investigations can also provide court testimony to support the client’s case. As licensed private investigators, they can provide professional testimony to help the client fight for custody.

Child custody investigations and recovery are complex and sensitive situations. Hiring a licensed and experienced private investigator, such as Doerner Investigations, can help provide the necessary evidence and support needed in the courtroom. With their expertise in conducting initial consultations, surveillance, background checks, recovery efforts, and court testimony, Doerner Investigations can assist clients in achieving a favorable outcome in their custody cases.

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Check out our bonus Instagram page dedicated solely to our K9s.
Check out our bonus Instagram page dedicated solely to our K9s.
Check out our bonus Instagram page dedicated solely to our K9s.
Check out our bonus Instagram page dedicated solely to our K9s.

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