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What is a Hidden Asset Investigation?

The purpose of a hidden asset investigation is to locate and identify assets like property, money, stocks, etc. that have been concealed by one party from another. Common circumstances in which a hidden asset search may be appropriate include:

Divorce: Spouses often attempt to hide assets in order to influence property splits or the amounts paid in monthly alimony or child support ahead of divorce proceedings.

Spousal and Child Support Proceedings: A former spouse may attempt to hide assets in order to avoid paying higher support payments or receiving lower support payments.

Contested Estate Proceedings: If heirs of an estate are in conflict with one another, or with the executor of the will, an asset search can reveal the true extent of an estate beyond any doubt.

Civil Litigation: It is not unusual for one party in a civil lawsuit to win a judgment in court only to have the losing party claim they are unable to pay. An asset search can locate assets concealed by the losing party and help force them to pay.

Business Partnerships: A business partner, similar to a spouse, may be interested in hiding certain assets in contemplation of a future split, in case the business goes south, or to hide misappropriated funds. A hidden asset search may also be sought prior to entering a business partnership (to determine the credibility and character of a potential partner) or during the life of the business.

Hiring Doerner Investigations to find hidden assets can help you get the money you are owed after a legal settlement from any kind of proceeding, or to find out what someone’s true intent and interests are before going into business with them.

What Investigators Will Not Do

As private investigators we are bound to follow the law and ethics standards at all times. For example, We will never attempt to access information contained in legally restricted documents, such as specifically protected banking, financial, and phone records without a subpoena. However, Doerner Investigations will pursue all legal avenues in the course of a hidden asset search.

If you think a family member or business partner is hiding assets from you, call Doerner Investigations today to get what you are owed!

Check out our bonus Instagram page dedicated solely to our K9s.
Check out our bonus Instagram page dedicated solely to our K9s.
Check out our bonus Instagram page dedicated solely to our K9s.
Check out our bonus Instagram page dedicated solely to our K9s.

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