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Background checks are about verification. Someone’s word is not enough when it comes to your children, family, home, money, and company. Is the person or company trustworthy? Are they reliable? Are they telling you the truth? Our Private Detectives here in the Los Angeles area do in-depth background investigations, stopping problems before they happen.

Are You Using the Best Data Sources for Background Checks?

Selecting a thorough background investigation is imperative. Most online background checks search outdated databases. No private entity has access to any one database for criminal and civil history. Many of the databases can only “grab” in their searches what is free and available online. There are over 3000 counties with in the United States and less then 1/3 of those counties are available online, or free. So if this is how you are doing your background investigations, you are getting less then 1/3 of the information that could be out there.

At Doerner investigations, we perform every background check by checking at the county level for each subject. This is the only accurate way to know if someone has a history. Background investigations can start at a basic criminal and civil search and can increase from there all the way to an extensive investigation, which is equivalent to a law enforcement background check.

Your purpose for the background will determine how much information is required to make an informed decision.

It is imperative for any business owner to thoroughly checkout the civil and criminal records of an employee, before hiring the person. What if you are allowing this person into your home? Will they have access to any vulnerable family members? Does the individual have a bad criminal record? Is this person very financially irresponsible, with multiple evictions, civil judgments and/or bankruptcies? You need to protect yourself, your family and your company.

Background Checks on Romantic Partners

Are you interested in dating someone, but you want first to see what kind of criminal record they have? You might want first to see if the person you might want to date has as much property like houses and cars as they say they do. You find that you keep asking yourself, “What kind of person is my child really dating? Can I really trust this individual? Are they after my money, my kid's money? A thorough background check can help answer these questions much more than a simple online search can. As people become more tech savvy, they get better at covering their tracks - but not better than we are and uncovering the truth.

If you need background investigation services anywhere in California, please call us today.

Check out our bonus Instagram page dedicated solely to our K9s.
Check out our bonus Instagram page dedicated solely to our K9s.
Check out our bonus Instagram page dedicated solely to our K9s.
Check out our bonus Instagram page dedicated solely to our K9s.

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