Drug Detection Dogs: The New First Line of Defense Against Fentanyl
December 12, 2022

With the opioid crisis in full swing, it is more important than ever to be aware of the dangers of fentanyl. This powerful drug can be deadly and is often found mixed in with other drugs. If you are worried that someone you love might be using drugs laced with fentanyl, do not wait to get help. Drug detection dogs are becoming an increasingly important part of keeping our families safe from this dangerous drug.

Benefits of Hiring a Female Private Investigator in Los Angeles
August 1, 2022

Sometimes the best man for the job is a woman. If you're ever feeling unsafe or worried about what might be happening behind the scenes, it can be helpful to hire a private investigator. If you're looking for someone who will really understand your concerns and give you the best possible service, you should consider hiring Amy Doerner, a female private investigator working in Los Angeles and Ventura.

Los Angeles Private Detective Review
October 15, 2021

When Dorner receives testimonials, they often speak not only to the competence, but also the care and understanding used in handling cases. See a recent Los Angeles review of Private Detective agency, Doerner Investigations here.

Top 4 Tips to Consider When Hiring a Private Investigator
August 26, 2021

Amy Doerner and her team are the highest level private investigators and K9 handlers in Southern California. Doerner Investigations serves Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties with incredible and unmatched compassion, dedication and competence. If you or a loves one's safety is at stake, you want the best private investigator in Los Angeles and Ventura and Santa Barbara counties to guide you through a very difficult time - you don't want to be just a case number. 

How Much Does a Private Investigator Cost?
July 12, 2021

If you're looking for a Private Investigator, it's pretty normal you want to know how much you should pay for investigative work before you commit to hiring someone. Most people have no experience with this type of situation and have no point of reference for cost, leaving you feeling vulnerable at an already vulnerable time. How much should I pay for Los Angeles private investigator work? Am I being taken advantage of? Is the cheapest option the best? Hopefully we can answer some of your concerns.

How are canines (K9s) trained to detect drugs?
July 9, 2021

Drug detection dogs can be used for a range of operations and assignments including but not limited to; Airports, Marine applications, drug rehabilitation centers, Hospitals, and mental health facilities together with schools, colleges and universities, events, prisons, businesses and homes, who all see the benefits of using drug detection dogs for tighter security measures. They can be used to detect drugs on individuals, within buildings, open areas and vehicles.

The Doerner Private Investigation team has the experience, expertise and discretion needed to get the job done.