Drug Detection Dogs: The New First Line of Defense Against Fentanyl

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April 5, 2024
Drug Detection Dogs: The New First Line of Defense Against Fentanyl

With the opioid crisis in full swing, it is more important than ever to be aware of the dangers of fentanyl. This powerful drug can be deadly and is often found mixed in with other drugs. If you are worried that someone you love might be using drugs laced with fentanyl, do not wait to get help. Drug detection dogs are becoming an increasingly important part of keeping our families safe from this dangerous drug.

In California, fentanyl overdoses have been on the rise in recent years. In fact, according to preliminary 2021 data from the California Department of Public Health, there were 6,843 opioid-related overdose deaths in California; 5,722 of these deaths were related to fentanyl. In 2021, there were 224 fentanyl-related overdose deaths among teens, ages 15–19 years old, in California.  What’s even more alarming is that these numbers may only represent a fraction of the total number of fentanyl-related overdoses, as not all cases are necessarily reported. Fentanyl is a powerful opioid drug that is often found mixed in with other drugs, intentionally and non-intentionally. It can be deadly in very small doses, and is often responsible for accidental overdoses, with the user having no idea fentanyl is even present in the drugs they are taking.

Doerner Investigations has some of the very first dogs in the State of California trained to detect this highly potent drug, even before the majority of police dogs. If you are worried about a family member using illicit drugs, Doerner can come to your home discretely and you can be sure these dogs will hit on fentanyl if it is present. We are not required to contact/report to law enforcement if we find drugs. This way, you can save your loved one from an accidental overdose and get them into a treatment program without involving law enforcement.

Drug detection dogs can sniff out even the smallest traces of fentanyl, making them an invaluable asset in this fight against opioids. Trained by professional handlers and re certified every year, these dogs are taught to respond to the scent of fentanyl with a specific behavior, alerting their handler that the drug is present. Doerner Investigations' K9 detection dogs are regularly in training and are on the leading edge of detection dogs in California. Most of our competitors, and most police departments in CA have yet to train their dogs to search specifically for fentanyl, making us the best choice for Southern California families, schools and workplaces, if you have reason to believe fentanyl is present. Please reach out to us if you have concerns that fentanyl may be in your home or institution.

The Doerner Private Investigation team has the experience, expertise and discretion needed to get the job done.

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