Just How Easy is it for Teens to Hide their Drugs? Drugs Cannot be Hidden from these Powerful Trained Noses.

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April 5, 2024
Just How Easy is it for Teens to Hide their Drugs?  Drugs Cannot be Hidden from these Powerful Trained Noses.

When it comes to identifying potential drug use in your children, traditional methods like searching their pockets or backpacks may not yield effective results. Teenagers who wish to conceal drugs have become adept at hiding them so well that even dedicated parental searches may fail to uncover anything suspicious. If your child has access to the internet or the means to acquire knowledge through books, they can easily find detailed instructions on concealing drugs (or any other items) in places that parents are unlikely to check. Online forums dedicated to drug use offer a starting point for exploring the available hiding techniques. Here are a few examples suggested by these resources:

  1. Inside a dried-out marker or highlighter. Just cut out the foam and replace with drugs.
  2. Behind a plate covering a light switch or electrical outlet.
  3. Inside a disposable lighter. Just pull off the plastic cover on the bottom.
  4. Above the ceiling, accessed through a bathroom vent.
  5. Inside air conditioner ducts.
  6. Buried in the back yard.
  7. Inside old VHS or cassette cases.
  8. Inside electronic devices like computer cases, speakers, game devices.
  9. Inside a stick deodorant case, lip balm case or other similar item.
  10. Hollow out an old iPod and fill it up.

Understanding these hiding places can help you stay informed and proactive in preventing drug use.

Specially Purchased Items Enable Easy Concealment

There are various methods to conceal illicit items like drugs and cash, and these techniques are available for purchase. For instance, specialized underwear with a zipper pocket can be used for concealment purposes, as well as pre-hollowed lighters, pens, hairbrushes, car cigarette lighters, and even water bottles with hidden compartments. Online platforms like Amazon.com offer a wide range of products for concealment, often identified by searching for "diversion." With over a thousand results, these items, although some intended for cash or firearms concealment, can also be utilized for hiding drugs in plain sight. Everyday objects like metal travel mugs can serve as unsuspecting containers, while fake sprinkler heads can be buried in yards without raising suspicions. Disturbingly, there are YouTube videos created by a former police officer, who once apprehended drug possessors, instructing viewers on hiding drugs in their vehicles. Additionally, this ex-officer provides guidance on concealing heat emissions from illegal indoor marijuana cultivation, thereby helping individuals secure their locations from potential raids.

So What Are Your Options?

k9 drug dogs

You have a few options to consider when it comes to dealing with the issue of drugs in your home. One approach is to educate yourself about potential hiding spots by doing the same research your child might have done. By compiling a list of possible hiding places and checking for items in your home, your child's room, or even on their person, you can gain a better understanding of the situation. Additionally, you can utilize online search engines to find information on hiding drugs from parents.

If your concerns persist, it may be beneficial to contact Doerner Investigations. We offer confidential and discreet services, including the expertise of trained and certified drug sniffing K9s. These specially trained dogs possess an incredible ability to detect hidden drugs that can elude human detection. Our team can conduct thorough searches of your home, ensuring that no drugs go unnoticed.

Remember, we are here to support you during this challenging time by providing useful resources and guidance. Whether it's uncovering drugs concealed by teenagers, partners, or employees, our drug detection dogs can help minimize the presence of illicit substances in your home or facilities. Additionally, we safely confiscate and dispose of drugs, be it abused prescription medications or illegal street drugs. By relying on our services, you can take proactive steps to address this issue effectively.

The Doerner Private Investigation team has the experience, expertise and discretion needed to get the job done.

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