Just How Easy is it for Teens to Hide their Drugs? Drugs Cannot be Hidden from these Powerful Trained Noses.

Just How Easy is it for Teens to Hide their Drugs?  Drugs Cannot be Hidden from these Powerful Trained Noses.

If you’ve ever suspected one of your children of using drugs, you may have tried going through their pockets and their backpacks for pills, weed or other drugs like heroine. The sad truth is that any teen who wants to hide drugs has the ability to hide them so well that even a thorough search by a concerned parent won’t find them.

How do they figure out where to put them? If they have the ability to access the internet for research or to buy a book, they have access to detailed instructions on how to hide drugs (or anything else) in places parents are unlikely to ever check.

A quick search of the resources available will give any parent a sinking feeling when they consider trying to confiscate drugs from a child who really wants to keep them hidden. Online forums dedicated to the use of drugs are a good place to start looking at the instructions available. Here’s just a few of the hiding places suggested by these sites:

  1. Inside a dried-out marker or highlighter. Just cut out the foam and replace with drugs.
  2. Behind a plate covering a light switch or electrical outlet.
  3. Inside a disposable lighter. Just pull off the plastic cover on the bottom.
  4. Above the ceiling, accessed through a bathroom vent.
  5. Inside air conditioner ducts.
  6. Buried in the back yard.
  7. Inside old VHS or cassette cases.
  8. Inside electronic devices like computer cases, speakers, game devices.
  9. Inside a stick deodorant case, lip balm case or other similar item.
  10. Hollow out an old iPod and fill it up.

Specially Purchased Items Enable Easy Concealment

There’s even specially made underwear with a zipper pocket for concealing anything from drugs to cash. One person advised others trying to smuggle drugs into drug-free music festivals that this underwear was his usual solution. Pre-hollowed lighters for drug storage (that will still light a cigarette or joint) can be purchased on Amazon.com, along with hollowed pens, hairbrushes, car cigarette lighters and even brand name water bottles that allow you to hide drugs under the section covered by the label. Just go to Amazon.com and type in “diversion.” You’ll find more than a thousand results for concealment. Some may be specifically designed to hide cash or firearms, but any of them can be used to conceal drugs, often in plain sight.

Something as innocent looking as a metal travel mug could provide a hollow container for concealing enough drugs to get through the day. If this mug is carried into work or school, no one will even give it a second glance. Fake sprinkler heads could be buried in the yard and never create suspicion, but allow someone to hide a small stash outside the home.

Perhaps the most distressing resource on hiding drugs is a series of videos on YouTube created by a former police officer. These videos provide instruction on how to hide your drugs in your car. This officer spent several years busting people for possession of drugs before deciding to make these videos. He even offers a video on hiding the heat emissions from illegal indoor marijuana grows so a building will never get raided.

So What Are Your Options?

k9 drug dogs

You have a few choices. The first is to become just as adept as your child at hiding drugs. Especially if you have already found your child using or hiding drugs, you may not really have a choice. Do the same research your child may have done, make a list of possible hiding places and then look for the same items in your home, your child’s room or on her person. Try going to any search engine and typing in “where can I hide drugs from my parents.”

If after these suggestions, your are still finding yourself concerned, call Doerner Investigations. We offer trained and certified drug sniffing K9s. Drugs cannot be hidden from these powerful trained noses. Doerner Investigations will come to your home. If there are drugs there our K9s will find them. Our whole process is completely confidential and discreet. We provide you with resources that will help you through this difficult time.

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