Los Angeles Private Detective Review

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April 5, 2024
Los Angeles Private Detective Review

When Dorner receives testimonials, they often speak not only to the competence, but also the care and understanding used in handling cases. See a recent review of Doerner Investigations below.

Abruptly one day, in the face of a threat, I was advised by a wise and seasoned law enforcement professional to consider hiring a private investigator and referred me to Doerner Investigations.  This was for me a foreign concept; but I am glad I listened, and grateful that I consulted Amy Doerner (Doerner Investigations).   I would expect a qualified investigator to be very smart, coupling impressive analytic skills with right-brain intuitiveness. On those scales, Amy is impressive.  Her questions were incisive, revealing, astute; her search was focused and thorough.  She understood financial limitation, and prioritized clearly, distinguishing the essential, the preferable, the optional.
While I found Amy’s investigative abilities and style outstanding, something else sets her apart:  Character.   She is personable, kind, patient.  She understands fear.  She has integrity.  She takes the safety of her client very seriously.  Besides investigating, she took time to advise me on security measures; took even more time to follow up with me to make sure I landed with the right professionals; AND followed up with them to make sure they were on task. She has my appreciation and my respect. And I sleep soundly again.  I highly recommend her!
- S.C. Los Angeles

The Doerner Private Investigation team has the experience, expertise and discretion needed to get the job done.

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