Drug dog detection services in Ventura County & Los Angeles

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April 5, 2024
Drug dog detection services in Ventura County & Los Angeles

Canine Detection Services

Drug sniffing dogs are more accurate and reliable than ever before. Doerner Investigations provides canine detection services that are confidential, effective and discreet. Our detection dogs are specifically trained for narcotics and firearms. Our detection dogs have been tested, chosen and trained to be highly effective.

One of our services is for parents concerned about drug use at home by teenagers, etc. Proactive parents call Doerner Investigations to help investigate teenage drug use. In-home drug detection for teenage drug use can give parents peace of mind or immediate notice of a potential life-threatening problem.

We also provide effective, reliable search programs for commercial properties.

What Can Detection Dogs Search For?

  • Exotic and common street drugs
  • Prescription drug detection
  • Illegal contraband
  • Marijuana, heroin, cocaine, K2, amphetamines and more
  • Firearms

K9 Detection Services for Schools

We provide sanctioned walk-throughs and K9 detection services for schools all over Los Angeles and beyond. We can help prepare your school before, during and after the school year to create an environment conducive to learning and growing. When drugs are found on-site, Doerner Investigations will provide you with the resources and information to deal with your situation privately. Both the visit and the outcome are 100% confidential.

If you need K9 detection services in Ventura County or Los Angees County, please call us today.

The Doerner Private Investigation team has the experience, expertise and discretion needed to get the job done.

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