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Hello Road invites Doerner Investigations to search their car. 

hello road

Hello Road invites Doerner Investigations to search a recently purchased car. The story: Ever since the owner found a bag of cocaine in his Chrysler, he’s been worried there are more hidden drugs that he doesn’t know about. He called in the services of Doerner Investigation’s drug detection dog to

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Find drugs in home for teenage drug abuse – Los Angeles service

k9 home detection

When it comes to teenagers and young adults , it can be very difficult for parents to believe that their child may be abusing drugs. It is a thought that no parent wants to accept. Unfortunately, teenagers are naturally curious and the use of drugs is on the rise. Casual

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How much do you think genetics have to do with criminal behavior?

My client came to me asking for my assistance in identifying and finding his biological son. His story: 40-something years ago, he was dating a girl who became pregnant. She told him he was the father and together they made the decision to put the baby up for adoption. The

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K9 Drug Dogs Interview with Amy Doerner

Retired cop dog finds a new job August 30, 2017 | By Sylvie Belmond Summary: Amy Doerner, an Agoura Hills private investigator, is using k9 drug dogs to help parents in the war on teen drug use. Click here to read story.

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Just How Easy is it For Teens to Hide Their Drugs? Drugs cannot be hidden from these powerful trained noses.

Just How Easy is it For Teens to Hide Their Drugs?                      If you’ve ever suspected one of your children of using drugs, you may have tried going through their pockets and their backpacks for pills, weed or other drugs like

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Drug dog detection services in Ventura County & Los Angeles

Canine Detection Services Drug sniffing dogs are more accurate and reliable than ever before. Doerner Investigations provides canine detection services that are confidential, effective and discreet. Our detection dogs are specifically trained for narcotics and firearms. Our detection dogs have been tested, chosen and trained to be highly effective. One

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Use Caution When Using Uber & Lyft

The problems with Uber and Lyft continue to mount. It’s important to understand the differences in the type of backgrounds these companies do. Because they are not in the group of a taxi company but rather just a regular company they are bound by CA Employment Laws which limits the depth

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Los Angeles Private Eye Review

We are always grateful to receive a testimonial from a client, like below: 3/11/2016 – I highly recommend Doerner Investigations if you are in need of PI services.  As an adoptee, I was able to find missing links that have eluded me for years!  They were extremely professional and highly

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