K9 Narcotics Detection in Los Angeles County & Ventura County

Narcotics and Firearm Detection in Ventura and Los Angeles County


k9 drug dogsToday’s drug and firearm detection dogs are more accurate and reliable than ever before. At Doerner Investigations, we offer a variety of unique canine services that are confidential, effective and completely discreet.

Specifically trained for narcotics and firearms, we provide highly-effective detection dogs that have been tested, chosen and trained for these specific tasks.

Residential and Commercial Detection Services

In today’s world it is important for parents to be proactive when it comes to teenage drug use, our Narcotic Detection teen home inspections offer parents either immediate notice of a potential life-threatening problem or some peace of mind.

We provide an effective, reliable search program for both residential and commercial properties.

A safe, strong deterrent that protects your home, office and people, our dogs can sweep common areas such as lockers, parking lots, warehouses, offices, bedrooms, living areas, and anywhere you feel you should be protected. Items can even be tested to ensure accuracy.


The following searches can be accomplished based on service needs:

  • Exotic and common street drugs
  • Prescription drug detection
  • Illegal contraband
  • Drug lists include: marijuana, heroin, cocaine, K2, amphetamines and more
  • Firearms

We provide K-9 Narcotics detection services to businesses of all types:

  • Entertainment Venues
  • Residential Treatment Facilities/Detention Centers
  • Private Businesses
  • Parcel/Shipping Facilities
  • And More

School Detection Service

At Doerner Investigations, we want to help make schools safe for children everywhere. That’s why we provide sanctioned walk-throughs and services based on the needs of schoolboards, high schools and grade schools all over the area. Maintaining a healthy, clean and safe environment is key to a good education and bright future.

Let us prepare your school before, during and after the school year to help create an environment conducive to learning and growing.

In the event when drugs are found, Doerner Investigations will provide you with the resources and information to deal with your situation privately. Both the visit and the outcome are 100% confidential.

Our dogs can cover the following areas based on the approval of school administrators, teachers and parents:

  • Hallways
  • Lockers
  • Social Areas
  • Locker Rooms
  • Gymnasiums
  • Bathrooms
  • Parking Lots
  • Dorms
  • And More

If you need drug dog services in Los Angeles County or Ventura County, please call us today.

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