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private investigator in Los AngelesAre You Using the Best Data Sources for Background Checks?

Selecting a thorough background investigation is imperative. Most online background checks search outdated databases. No private entity has access to any one database for criminal and civil history. Many of the databases can only “grab” in their searches what is free and available online. There are over 3000 counties with in the United States and less then 1/3 of those counties are available online, or free. So if this is how you are doing your background investigations, you are getting less then 1/3 of the information that could be out there.

Criminal Background Checks

At Doerner investigations, we perform every background check by checking at the county level for each subject. This is the only accurate way to know if someone has a history. Background investigations can start at a basic criminal and civil search and can increase from there all the way to an extensive investigation, which is equivalent to a law enforcement background check.

Your purpose for the background will determine how much information is required to make an informed decision.


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